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Mexican Tile Renew' Sarasota Fl We Make Like New Your Saltillo Tile Floors The Good The Bad and Just Plain Ugly Ones.

CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO ENLARGE PHOTOS. 'Mexican Tile Renew' Sarasota Fl We Make Like New Your Saltillo Tile Floors, The Good, The Bad, and Just Plain Ugly Ones. We have been refinishing Mexican Tile floors in South West Florida since 1995.
CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO ENLARGE PHOTOS. Saltillo tile is a type of terra-cotta tile that originates in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. Saltillo tiles are made from clay found in the Northern Mexico area. Saltillo-type tiles are now manufactured at many places in Mexico, and high-fire "Saltillo look" tiles, many from Italy, compete with the terra-cotta originals.

The red clay is formed into Mexican tiles, dried in the sun and then fired in kilns, the newly formed Mexican tile can range in color from yellow to red with many tiles having a mixture of those colors. The Saltillo-Mexican tiles are left to dry outside, they sometimes will have the footprint of a dog or a chicken, they remain cool and comfortable in the summer.
CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO ENLARGE PHOTOS. Because Mexican tiles tend to be softer than ceramic tile, they do need to be sealed and properly maintained. These tiles have been made in Mexico and the Southwest for hundreds of years and remain in many public places.

CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO ENLARGE PHOTOS. Saltillo tile is highly porous, and soaks in liquid easily. Unlike most ceramic tile, there is no glaze on the top surface of the tile. It is difficult to install as it absorbs water from the thin-set mortar, grout, grease pencils, etc. Once placed, it stains and scuffs easily if not properly sealed and maintained with a quality sealant.

CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO ENLARGE PHOTOS. A penetrating sealant will maintain the natural look of the Saltillo-Mexican tile. You should periodically test the seal by putting a few drops of water on the tile in various places. If the water is absorbed, then another coat of sealant should be applied. Other surface sealants may give the tile a shiny appearance. 
CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO ENLARGE PHOTOS. As the Saltilo-Mexican tile loses its shine, another coat is applied on top of the old sealant. If the finish becomes too worn, dirty or uneven, it can be stripped and a new coat applied. However, this option is very labor-intensive. Additionally, another coat of sealant can be used on both the saltillo tile and grout. MEXICAN TILE INSTALLATION IS AN ART: A professional with experience in Saltillo will charge $2.50 to $6.00 per square foot for installation, depending on your locale.

CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO ENLARGE PHOTOS. Saltillo tile may be sealed with multiple coats of acrylic sealer, the film will build an even protective film and gloss that may repel water, oil, grease, and efflorescence. A quality acrylic sealant should be used as it will be easy to apply, non-yellowing and long-lasting.
CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO ENLARGE PHOTOS. Mexican tile is not Marble, is not Ceramic tile and is not Porcelain tile. Mexican tile has no glazed finish, the only protection for the clay tile is an applied sealer and Mexican tile must be stripped, cleaned and sealed at least every 8 or 9 years, it is and always will be very labor intensive.

CLICK ON IMAGE ABOVE TO ENLARGE PHOTOS. Refinishing Mexican tile is not really a DIY project, many different products are needed to properly strip off the old sealer, grease, oil and set in stains from years ago. Mexican Tile can have occasional cracks on the surface and has a somewhat rough texture to the touch. Mexican Tile can have animal prints. Mexican Tile are not the same color. They can vary in shading with-in the same tile. Mexican Tile are prone to alkali in the clay, to minimize problems they must be properly sealed and kept sealed with a water based acrylic sealer, multiple coats are needed.
Mexican Tile Renew uses ACRYLIC SELAERS which offers high gloss protection and beauty to unglazed Mexican paver tile and other porous terra cotta surfaces with fewer coats. A blend of the latest in acrylic polymer technology has been coupled with an antimar agent, U.V. inhibitors and a grease and oil blocker to become the perfect solution for sealing porous tile.

'Mexican Tile Renew' offers the Best Prices on Mexican 'Saltillo' Tile Cleaning and refinishing in Florida. We have completed over 2,500 Mexican Tile renovation projects. We started our Mexican Tile refinishing business in 1995. We have been in the Flooring and Tile business for 25 years.
Mexican Tile Renew will refinish Mexican Saltillo Tile, Spanish Tile and Terra Cotta Tile in Sarasota, Bradenton, Longboat Key, Nokomis, and Casey Key Florida. Mexican Tile Renew  strips off the old sealers on your Mexican Tile, cleans the Mex-tile and re-seals the Mex-tile to a beautiful like new appearance. 
“No vinegar, no Mop & Glo, no Endust NO FABULOSO, and no Spic and Span to clean your Mexican tile floor.” Don’t use them on your Mexican tile floor. Mexican Tile Floor Care: Do Not use Vinegar to Clean Your Mexican Tile Floor it Will Ruin the Finish. Vinegar is an acid. Proper weekly maintenance is just as important as getting the right installer in order to extend the life of your Mexican Saltillo tile. JUST USE SOAP AND WATER TO CLEAN YOUR TILE, SOAP LIKE DISHWASHER DETERGENT. BETTER CALL VEL AT MEXICAN TILE RENEW 941-926-7444.
'Mexican Tile Renew' Sarasota Fl with a South West Fl Better Business Bureau A+ Rating.
Mexican Tile Renew Clean and Seal, Sarasota Fl.
CALL VEL AT 941-926-7444. email

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