Thursday, March 16, 2023

Don’t Tear Out Your Old Mexican Saltillo Tiles Refinish with Mexican Tile Renew.

MEXICAN SALTILLO TILE: When people hate it there is only one way to approach this tile and is the most feared choice for the do it yourself homeowner or even the most experienced tile setters, is to tear out a Mexican tile installation. They just hate to remove Mexican Saltillo tile.

Mexican Tile Renew Clean and Seal Fort Myers to Sarasota To St Pete Fl. CALL VEL AT 941-926-7444. email 
The main reason it’s that the Mexican Saltillo tile will crumble into small pieces making the task of removing this Mexican Saltillo tile even more difficult.
Another reason is it’s weight, we are talking about 10 lb per Sq Ft plus the thick mortar bed and they normally use 1/2″ grout lines filled in most cases with thinset or tile mortar, making Mexican Saltillo tile one of the hardest tiles there is to remove.

And finally the biggest reason is the cost of replacing the old Mexican Saltillo tiles which on average would cost about $12 per square foot to tear out and replace with another flooring product. Thus a small area of 300 square feet would cost about $3,600. Don’t tear out your old Mexican Saltillo tiles rejuvenate with Mexican Tile Renew.

We Make Like New the Good the Bad and Just Plain Ugly Floors. Call Vel at 941-926-7444 for pricing.

Mexican Tile Floor Care: Do Not use Vinegar to Clean Your Mexican Tile Floor it Will Ruin the Finish. Vinegar is an acid. Proper weekly maintenance is just as important as getting the right installer in order to extend the life of your Mexican Saltillo tile. “No Mop & Glo and no Endust, no Spic and Span.” Would you put any of these things on your car? Don’t use them on your Mexican tile. JUST USE SOAP AND WATER TO CLEAN YOUR TILE, SOAP LIKE DISHWASHER DETERGENT. BETTER CALL VEL AT MEXICAN TILE RENEW 941-926-7444

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